Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I loved Juno. It left me feeling really happy, and that's all you can really ask from a movie, right? I thought it was loads better than Little Miss Sunshine, which it has oft-been compared to, and I actually thought, as unplanned pregnancy movies go, it was much better than Knocked Up (which I enjoyed). I don't want to say too much since this is still in limited release and a lot of people probably haven't seen it yet, but some stuff I really liked:

-the music, I thought it was perfect. I rarely ever buy movie soundtracks and I want to get the soundtrack.
-it was structured around a school year and there were little subtitles for spring, summer, fall, and winter. This worked really well in my opinion--when you're in high school, so much hinges around the changing of the seasons.
-Michael Cera's character didn't have much to do, and his head-in-the-sand behavior regarding the pregnancy bugged me.
-there was one scene, that I don't want to describe because it was a pivotal plot point (and one I didn't see coming), that was so emotionally awkward and visceral that it made me uncomfortable. In a good way.
-I liked Ellen Page in Hard Candy and I like her even more now.
-Yes, some of the slang was awkward and felt forced--particularly one line "honest to blog?" that made me cringe--but I think that died down as the movie went on.
-Loved Alison Janney as the stepmom. Loved when the dad said "I'm gonna hit that Paulie Bleecker kid in the wiener"
-There was a slag against ultrasound techs! My fiance, currently in school for medical imaging, was very defensive. Hah.
-Jennifer Garner always seemed kinda blah to me in a Sandra Bullock way, but she was very good here.
-Funny that Juno learned that babies have fingernails when they are born, cause I just learned that myself a couple weeks ago and was totally grossed out.
-Much has been made about the media about the treatment of abortion (and lack thereof) in recent movies, including Juno. I liked that it was treated as a valid choice and not some life-ruining trauma.


AY@tes said...

I'm so excited to see Juno, I've been waiting for months to see it. It looks like a fantastic little movie. I am very jealous that you got to see it already.

A. said...

I loved it, too. It's my new favorite movie. Plus, being from the Twin Cities, all the Minn references were killer and so true.

The soundtrack comes out in January - I already have it on my Amazon wish list.

darling_nikki said...

I just saw "Hard Candy" yesterday...what an f'ed up movie. So uncomfortable on so many levels. But yet I liked it....

Zitrone Mimone said...

i love the fact that you think that sandra bullock and jennifer garner are blaaaaaaah. i feel the same way but always have to listen to ppl tell me how great they are... whatever.

Film Scholar said...

I really liked Juno. I thought that the relationship between the adoptive father and Juno was a little strange.

Film Scholar said...

I really liked Juno. I thought that the relationship between the adoptive father and Juno was a little strange.

Mathias said...

Wow... am I the only person in the entire world who strongly disliked Juno? The delivery (sorry for the pun) and character of Ellen Page made me cringe non-stop... Did you seriously prefer it to "Little Miss Sunshine"?
Well, I guess I'll just be happy for you guys who had a good time there!

Heather said...

i think it was my favorite movie of 2007.

Dharma Designs said...

I can't wait to see it. Thanks for the review!

Kimmie Kay said...

I appreciate your review. I am adopted and thought that it might be handled badly in this movie (as is often the case) but am glad to hear options were presented fairly and am looking forward to seeing Juno.

Do you think it is age appropriate for a 13 year old (as a lesson)?

Mrs. Thuro said...

I liked Juno, but felt it has been grossly over hyped by critics. It's far from being the best movie of the year. It may be the best feel-good movie of the year, but that's it.

Ian said...

I really need to see Juno. Better than Little Miss Sunshine and Knocked Up? Sounds interesting.

I wonder why they really didn't advertise this movie much. I haven't really heard anything but good stuff about it.


Karl Marx said...

Do You Wonder?

Beth said...

I loved Juno, but it also scared the crap out of me....I have 2 teenage daughters. They loved the movie also.

Davis-Crane said...

I loved Juno. The girl reminds me so much of myself, I wanted a kid when i was 15...and even know when I'm only 16. Seriously, if it was possible in this society, and paretns didn't care, I'd want one with my boyfriend right now! lol
Kudos for the review!!

Mr. Gene said...

I recently saw Juno a few weeks back and really liked it. Sure there were a few points where the delivery was off but it was a tremendous movie. And yes, that line you quoted by Juno's dad is one of, if not my favorite quote of the movie.

Great review of a great movie =)

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reginag said...

Comes along very well. This is perfect.